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Rules and Regulations Regarding Delta Baggage Fees?

Delta Airlines

Whenever you want to travel with Delta airlines, you wonder what would be Delta Baggage fees. This question becomes more critical if you are going with many bags. This is why we wanted to cover the five most essential question and their answer for Delta Baggage fees.   So, you can get an overview of the rules and regulations. Let’s get started. You can always visit the Delta Airlines Official Site to know more. 

How Much Are Delta Baggage Fees?

So, this is the fundamental question about it. What is the fee of Delta baggage? Well, it depends upon the number of bags you have. The first checked bag will cost you around $30. The maximum weight you can carry is 50LBS. The maximum size of the bag should be 62” (L+W+H). But as soon as you add a second bag, the price will increase to $40. The weight and size restrictions will be the same as before. For the third, you will need to pay $150 with identical weight and size the same as the first one. For the fourth bag, the cost will be $200 if you have an overweight which maximum tonnage should be 100 Lbs. You may need to pay from $100 to $200.  The maximum accepted by Delta Airlines is 80”.

Do you get a Free Checked Bag on Delta?

So, for this, there are many things. First, you should know, Delta Airlines offers free baggage to carry on and the personal item.  However, for getting free checked bags, there are many angels in it.  If you are using a delta Credit card, you might get your free checked baggage on delta. The Elite medallion members and The Premium fare passengers are also eligible for getting the free checked bag on the delta. I hope this will help you to understand the delta baggage fees in a better way.

Can I Pay for Checked Baggage Online in Delta Airlines?

So, for this, there are two ways.  The first way is to check in within 24 hours of departure.  Once you have checked in, you will get the option to pay for baggage online. You can do it, whether on your laptop or the fly delta app. There you enter the number of bags and pay for it. There if you get option don’t forget to enter your Sky Miles, Credit card number, and ticket number.  The other option is simple, go to the airport, and drops your bags at the counter.

Delta Airlines Website

Can You Check a bag With Delta Basic Economy?

So, this is another essential question from our users. If you are travelling with Delta Basic economy, then there is no complimentary baggage fee. You will get a seat assigned when you are checked in, and the standard checked baggage fee will be applied. It is for both domestic and selected international routes. Visit Delta Airlines official Site to get more information.

So, these are some of the questions of Delta Baggage fees. We are sure; they will help you in getting the answer. In case you want to get any more answers.


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