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What are the best sits in American Airlines Refund

American Airlines is one of the leading airlines in the United States of America.  There are many reasons for it, but today, we are going to focus on the Seats. If you are flying with AA next time, you need to read the blog to know about the best seats. In case you decided not to fly after booking it, get to know about American Airlines Refund as well. Now, let’s see the seats.

The Business Class seat On Boeing 777-300

Travelers who have flown on Boeing 777-300 agreed readily. The business class on this airplane has the best seats. It is even better than the first-class with the same flight. Imagine paying less and getting the best seat. The seat turns into a bed with a recliner. There is enough privacy as well if you want to do some work. If you are traveling with your spouse, then there is a center seat too. There are an entertainment system and a personal storage space. Someone might say, too many perks. You will find these seats end route to Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

The Business class on 787-9

One could call it the second-best seats. You will find these seats on American Airlines Boeing 787-9. You may find it on refurbished Boeing 777-200s as well. Similar to Boeing 777-300 Seats, you will find good comfortable seats and private space. But why it is second. Well, there are a few reasons for it. The entertainment monitor does not swivel, which makes it difficult to watch it. The tray tables are also not in a comfortable position. All these things happen when you are fully reclined on the seat. You will find these seats on a flight to Paris, Seoul, Shanghai and Madrid.  If you are flying to London, Sydney or Narita, then you will find them. Did you read about American Airlines Refunds yet? Some of the domestic flights like LA to Chicago also have these seats. 

The first class on Boeing 777-300

We have already told you above, some passengers have said it. The business class seats are better than the first class. However, it does not mean they are not good. There is only eight first-class cabins on the airplane. You will feel like you are sitting in an office. There are a des, with headphones and trays. However, there is no privacy and no private storage. You will find them from New York to London and Sao Paulo. If you are flying from Miami to London, then you can get these seats on American Airlines Refund Policy.

The first class on Airbus A330  

Now, from the Boeing, let’s move on to the airbus 330. The suite in American Airline has Airways 330-300s. It was praised a lot when US airways revealed it in 2009. The seats are really comfortable. However, some travelers have said, it does not feel modern. It is more of a traditional way. Maybe Airbus has designed it in this way. The best thing is there is a coffee machine, which actually makes coffee and there is a mini desk as well and a place for private storage. If you want to work, then it easy to do it. 

There are plenty of Domestic and International flights on which you can find these seats. From Charlotte to Dublin, Barcelona, Munich, London and Rome. From Philadelphia to Charlotte and San Francisco too.

So, these are the best seats in American Airline reservations. But as we said, do read about American Airlines Refund Form in case you do not like them, and want to know about the refund process.


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