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A short guide to American Airlines Refunds

This is a guide about how to claim a refund from American Airlines Refunds. One thing you should know, only the person who has booked the tickets can claim for restitution.

Benefits of using an American Airlines Credit Card

If you fly with American Airlines a lot, then this post for you. You see, a lot of travelers use individual credit cards to get the benefits. American Airlines also offer such benefits with various credit cards. Though the benefits changes with the credit cards. However, what are those benefits which one could get? WeContinue reading “Benefits of using an American Airlines Credit Card”

What are the best sits in American Airlines Refund

These are the best seats in American Airline reservations. But as we said, do read about American Airlines Refund Form in case you do not like them, and want to know about the refund process.

What you should do if your flight is delayed or canceled

This was our post on what to do flight delays and cancellation. We are sure it will help you next time when you are flying. We had given an example of the American Airlines Refund Policy. So, make sure you know about these things to avoid any situation.

What are the common things you need to know American Airlines?

If you are going to travel with American Airlines, then this post is for you. In today’s post, we will tell you about some of the most common things. We will cover everything from changing the username to covering to maintaining miles. Knowing these things can get you stuck in a situation. These small thingsContinue reading “What are the common things you need to know American Airlines?”